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  Products designed to keep items with wheels secure during an earthquake.

Cart-to-Wall Strap Kit
These high-strength Nylon straps are ideal for securing carts against seismic motion. Straps hook into wall-mounted stainless steel plates and are easy to disconnect when the cart needs to be moved. When installed in the back of the cart, straps are generally out of sight.

Available colors: black         Price: $47.95

Securely fastens carts to walls

Straps hook to cart when not being used

Allows quick and easy access for moving cart
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Kit contains: (2) 1" x 36" heavy Nylon straps with hooks, (4) stainless steel mounting plates, all other hardware.
available kits:    
(2) 1" x 36" straps

Wheel-Tie Strap System

These kits secure heavy equipment or furniture with wheels (up to 500 lbs) by using "eye bolts" that connect to the floor or the wall. The high-strength Nylon straps pull to the desired length, and the cam buckles automatically lock them tight. The Spring Links kits allow the straps to be easily disconnected from the bolts so that the item can be moved.

Available colors: black Price:$36.50 (Standard Floor Kit)
$32.50 (Standard Wall Kit)
$47.50 (Spring Links Wall Kit)
$47.50 (Spring Links Floor Kit)

Securely fasten heavy items with wheels

Floor (left) and wall (right) kits

Spring Links floor (left) and wall (right) kits
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Kit contains: (2) 5/8" x 36" commercial-grade Nylon straps, (2) steel cam buckles, (2) eye bolts. Spring Links kits contain (2) 5/16" steel Spring Links; floor kits contain (2) Hilti anchors.
available kits:    
standard floor kit
standard wall kit
Spring Links floor kit
Spring Links wall kit

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