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An unsecured
kitchen after an earthquake

Shelves that have collapsed following
an earthquake

An unsecured office in disarray after
an earthquake
Welcome to, Worksafe Technologies' Online Store!

Earthquakes present a serious threat of damage and injury to homes and offices that haven't been secured. Even minor quakes can shake electronic equipment off of desks and topple furniture, threatening thousands of dollars of damage and endangering family members or employees. is proud to offer Worksafe Technologies' award-winning, internationally recognized earthquake safety fasteners and damage mitigation products online through this store.

Everyday home and office items can be incredibly dangerous during an earthquake if they haven't been secured. Use our Home Hazard Hunt to identify hazard areas in a normal home.

Browse our safety straps, fasteners and other products using the Product Navigator on the left, or go to the Store to purchase items directly. Learn more about Worksafe Technologies' acclaimed damage-reducing products in the About Us section of the site.

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