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    These products can be used to secure a wide range of home and office electronic equipment.


These high-friction foam mats are a popular alternative to products that require drilling or adhesives. Made with a high-density polymer that grips both the surface-top and the item's base with suction-like strength, Quakemats secure pieces of equipment with low centers of gravity, such as printers, scanners, or fax machines. Quick and easy to install, Quakemats are easy to move and reposition. One of our most popular items.

Available colors: black, gray, putty
Price:$10.95 (20"x16")
$11.95 (4"x14")
$12.95 (4"x16")
$13.95 (5"x18")
$15.95 (6"x22")
$17.95 (7"x9")
$8.95 (9"x9")
$10.95 (10"x12")
$12.95 (2"x16")

Make items more secure as easily as placing mat underneath

Combines with other fastening systems to create an even stronger grip

10"x12" Quakemat under scanner

click on kit below to purchase at store

Kit contains 5/16" thick Quakemat(s) and installation instructions.

available kits:    
(2) 2"x16"(VCR's, DVD players, stereos) (2) 4"x14"(printers, scanners)
(2) 4"x16" (CPU's, laser printers) (4) 3" diameter
(2) 5"x18"(large CPU's, laser printers) (2) 6"x22"(desktop copiers, large desktop items)
(1) 7"x9"(telephones, calculators) (1) 9"x9"(telephones, calculators)
(1) 10"x12"(monitor bases, laptops) (10) 2"x16" & (10) 4"x16"(personal laser printers, fax machines)

SeismaLok Straps

SeismaLok Straps use an easy-to-install, adhesive-based strap and buckle system, and can be used to secure all types of electronic equipment. The straps, made of PVC and polyurethane, are specially designed to reduce stress on the adhesive, maximizing the product's holding strength. SeismaLok straps make an ideal way to secure stacked components. The "2-point" kit connects to the item at two corners; the "4-point" kit connects to the four corners for extra holding power. Putty color matches most computers. QuakeMats can be added to complement SesimaLoks' protection by preventing sliding motion.

Available colors: black, putty Price:$12.95  (2-point)
$24.95 (4-point)

Perfect for securing stacked items

One-size buckle allows for easy installation

Strap material cuts to desired length

click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (1) 1" x 6 ft roll of strapping, (4) peel and stick buckles ("2-point"), or (8) peel and stick buckles ("4-point"), alcohol swabs and installation instructions. Each kit secures one item.
available kits:    
2-point kit 4-point kit

ServerTrac Strap & Buckle System

The ServerTrac system offers a way to quickly and easily secure tall electronic equipment to tabletops without using adhesives. Back and side tracks clamp to the table surface, and straps connect to either side of the track to keep multiple CPU's firmly in place. The back track, side track, edge clips and Nylon strap are all easy to adjust and are completely reusable. The 24" or 28" sidetracks accomodate a wide range of countertop lengths, and a variety of edge clamps are available to match your table's thickness.
Available colors: putty Price:$120.50 (24" Side Track Kits)
$127.95 (28" Side Track Kits)

Completely adjustable to accomodate changing needs

Side track slides into place in back track

Edge clip secures side track

click on kit below to purchase at store   

Kit contains: (1) 24" painted steel back track, (2) 24" or 28" side tracks, a 1", 1.25" or 1.5" edge clamp, (1) 1"x60" Nylon strap with (1) buckle, (2) steel snap hooks, and installation instructions.
available kits:    
24" side track, 1" edge clamp 28" side track, 1" edge clamp
24" side track, 1.25" edge clamp 28" side track, 1.25" edge clamp
24" side track, 1.5" edge clamp 28" side track, 1.5" edge clamp

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