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At, we're committed to making it easy to purchase the best earthquake damage mitigation products available today. Our site offers the products you'll need to make your home or office as secure as possible, at standard distributor prices. Read on to learn more about our partner, WorkSafe Technologies, and its products, and about us at A-FFIX LLC.

About Worksafe Technologies

WorkSafe Technologies' earthquake damage mitigation products are internationally recognized for their excellence. Based out of northern California, WorkSafe maintains a staff of engineering professionals and technical application specialists that keep its products on the cutting edge of design. To date, WorkSafe's installation crews have secured over 100 million square feet of offices, laboratories, hospitals, schools, and factories. Frequent input from its crews in the field ensures that WorkSafe products install with maximal ease and security. Worksafe products have been rigorously tested, both by three-axis shake tables and actual earthquakes, including the Northridge, CA, quake in 1994.

In July, 1998, the Canadian Government put Worksafe products to the test during its week-long Nonstructural Fastening Standards Program, hosted in the Civil Engineering Laboratory at the University of British Columbia. Worksafe's products and methods passed multiple, consecutive shake table tests that recreated actual events, including the Northridge, Loma Prieta, Kobe, and Landers earthquakes. Worksafe Products also aced the Program's intense UBC-Bellcore test (simulating a 7.5 earthquake), meeting stringent Seismic Zone 4 requirements. In September, 2004, Worksafe received an Award of Excellence from the National Earthquake Conference for its achievement in mitigating earthquake damage through its high-quality products.

WorkSafe is confident that its products are the most effective on the market today, and believes that its unsurpassed testing record and its hundreds of high-profile clients across the world speak for its excellence. Visit WorkSafe Technologies online to learn more.


This website is maintained by A-FFIX LLC, a general contracting company in the greater Seattle area that specializes in earthquake retrofit and earthquake preparation. A-FFIX LLC has collaborated with WorkSafe Technologies for more than seven years, and is a supplier of Worksafe products to the Northwest region.

A-FFIX LLC has secured hundreds of area homes, as well as corporate headquarters, City of Seattle and City of Tacoma administrative buildings, and classrooms for the Seattle School District. If you live in the greater Seattle area and are interested in having your home secured or retrofit, or have questions about earthquake damage mitigation and home preparation, contact A-FFIX by e-mail or call us at 866-284-6226.

Visit our website,, to learn more about retrofit, earthquake preparation, and our services.